Lacy tries to make a normal life for herself, but it doesn't last long. Someone out there knows about the wildfire program she created (and later destroyed), which could bring the world of computers to its knees. She soon discovers she is being hunted by people who want her to develop wildfire again. 
As she attempts to run away, Lacy finds that she has enemies around every corner. Nobody can be trusted. She is chased across the country in a frantic non-stop scramble for survival. But Lacy does have a few friends—a group that forms such a close bond, they are willing to sacrifice their lives for each other. 
Their devotion is put to the ultimate test. 
Criminal Utopia II: Wildfire is the second book in the Criminal Utopia series, following Fear The Hacker.

J. Arthur Squiers


IT'S HERE . . . . Criminal Utopia II: Wildfire!

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